Q & A

What is the Miss Asian North America Pageant?

The Miss Asian North America Pageant is a beauty pageant dedicated to helping our contestants gain more exposure, build self-confidence, and to help pursue their dreams!

If I win, will it interfere with my professional job or school?

If you win, we will make your professional life & school a priority. Most of your appearances and charity work will be during the weekend and we will schedule them in advance.

What are the qualifications?

Teen: 17-19 years old
Miss: 20-27 years old
Ms. : 27-35 years old

(All ages are by July 2018)

In addition, all contestants must be at least 1/4 Asian descent, have a beautiful face, have a healthy looking body, and aspire to be a role model. You must reside in either the U.S. or Canada at least 4 months prior to the pageant to qualify. Priority is given to those who have competed in a previous local pageant or who have modeled recently. There are no height or weight requirements although we recommended a healthy figure.

When is the pageant?

The 2018 Miss Asian North America pageant will be held in the Summer of 2018.

How many contestants will be in the pageant?

The number of contestants changes daily as new contestants apply. Some contestants may drop out due to unforeseen circumstances. We will not know the final number of participants until the registration process is completed on the first day of pageant weekend.

What are the costs associated with the pageant?

Each contestant is responsible for paying a registration and application fee to join the pageant.

There is a $100 Non Refundable Application fee to process your application on the website. If you are accepted as a 2018 contestant, you or your sponsor will need to pay a registration fee, which covers your participation in the pageant. Registration fee goes towards a number of items including production charges, printing, food, administrative fees, and other costs.

** In 2017, we installed a new “transferable” application fee. What that means is that if you are applying now and don’t know the date of the pageant, once the date has been released and you find that the date conflicts with your schedule, you have the ability to “ROLL” your application to the following year. (Valid only until the release of the pageant date)

In 2018, we expect each contestant to fundraise at least a business card ad. ($250 value) Most of our contestants fundraise a full page ad. ($1000 value) Your sponsor may sponsor this as well.

*Most meals are provided during pageant week for ALL contestants.

What else is covered during pageant week?

Miss Asian North America we will cover all activities, fun experiences, and some transportation for out of town contestants during pageant week.

What is the physical time commitment required to participate in the pageant?

In town Contestants:
4 days starting Wednesday and ending Saturday evening after the pageant show.

Out of town contestants:
Orientation is early Wednesday morning and you may leave right after the pageant on Saturday evening. If you cannot make these times, please contact Shelby and ELisa immediately.

If you are awarded the title of queen, you may be required to do a photo shoot the following morning after the pageant. More information will be provided in our welcome kit once you have been accepted as a contestant!

What are the other requirements as a delegate?

Be prepared to have your own evening gown, shoes, fitness wear, and ethnic gown for the pageant. Each contestant is responsible for bringing her own wardrobe to pageant week. This allows you the versatility and freedom to pick a wardrobe that best flatters your body as well as to choose a wardrobe that fits and highlights your individual personality. You will however receive an official pageant shirt to wear during your stay for the pageant week.

Where can I get sponsors?

Sponsors can include, but are not limited to your family, co-workers, friends, local businesses, fraternal organizations and clubs, schools, gofundme.com, fundraisers, your own business, etc. You may secure sponsors from anywhere in or out of the state. If accepted, you will receive a call from our Pageant coach who will help train you. Only Sponsors will be able to get VIP tickets.

Will the pageant provide my wardrobe?

No. Each contestant is responsible for bringing her own wardrobe to pageant weekend. This allows you the versatility and freedom to pick a wardrobe that best flatters your body as well as to choose a wardrobe that fits and highlights your individual personality. In some years, a sponsor may sponsor your swimwear but it is not guaranteed each year. You will however receive an official MALV shirt to wear during your stay for the pageant.

Are tattoos or body piercings allowed?

Tattoos and piercing are a statement of your individuality, and it is up to you whether you choose to show them. If either are visible while in your competition wardrobe, you may remove your body jewelry or cover tattoos with body make-up if you desire. Judges are not told to look upon someone negatively because of tattoos or piercing, but judging is a subjective process done by each individual differently.