2018 Judging Criteria

All contestants are judged on the following:

  • 10% :Pre-Pageant Interview
  • 5% :Attendance during pageant week & submitting paperwork on time.
  • 10% :Costumes / Opening Introduction
  • 35% :Swimwear / Fitness
  • 40% :Evening Gown

Total :100%

Following the Evening Gown segment, the contestants with the highest scores plus the (1) winner of Miss Talent & (1) Miss Entrepreneur will be selected as finalists in their division.
Top 3-5 Finalist will then compete in the final Q&A segment. Previous scores will be erased and everybody with start at 0. Finalist are judged on the following:

  • 100% :Final Q&A for Jr. Teen
  • 50% :Final Q&A & 50% Platform for Teen, Miss, And Ms. Division

Based on the final score, the judges will select the new 2018 Jr. Teen, Teen, Miss, and Ms. Asian North Queens!