2020 Judging & Criteria

All contestants are judged in 5 main areas and will be showcased in the Pageant finale.
Below is the 2020 scoring system:

  • 15% Interview (Done prior to the show)
  • 15% of your score comes from Attendance,┬áParticipation &Submitting Paperwork in on time.
  • 15% Costumes/ Opening Introduction
  • 25% Swimwear / Fitness
  • 30% Evening Gown
  • There is an optional talent segment that may be auditioned for through video submission. Top 5 Talents selected from video submissions will perform during pageant finale. Top talent will automatically become a finalist.

After the evening gown portion, the top 3-4 contestant from each division will be announced and move on as a finalist including the Miss Talent and Miss Entrepreneur. The finalists will have their previous scores erased. All contestants will have an equal opportunity in the final round.

Final Scoring

  • 45% Q&A
  • 45% Platform
  • 10% FINAL LOOK

The Finalists will all have an ON-STAGE question from the judges. 15 seconds will be provided to answer the question. The finalists in the Teen, Miss, and Ms. division will also have less than 45 seconds to speak about her platform. Platforms are a particular cause or charity you choose to promote as part of your volunteer work through the pageant. The judges will then decide among the finalists who the new queen will be in each division. The finalist with the highest Final score will be announced as the new Teen, Miss, and Ms. 2020 Miss Asian North America Queen!