Become a Sponsor


Miss Asian North America is dedicated to empowering young Asian women in North America by advocating for them through women empowerment projects, active community participation, and providing scholarship and training programs for them. The Asian American Community is one of the fastest growing communities in all of North America. A portion of your sponsorship dollars will go towards the scholarship funds awarded and your donation will be 100% tax deductible to help support our mission.

Your Sponsorship dollar:

  • Develops Asian leaders in the community
  • Achieves your organization’s diversity goals
  • Reinforces your reputation as a corporate diversity leader
  • Promotes the talents and leadership skills of young Asian Americans
  • Increases brand awareness in the Asian community
  • Introduces your organization’s products and services
  • Develops business-to-business relationships with other sponsors
  • Impacts the Asian American community
  • Gains more exposure in the Asian Community

Sponsorship opportunities are available at all levels:

  • In-kind donations of gift certificates and products
  • Advertising space online, display booths, and in the program book
  • Hosting dinner. parties, or City tour experiences for contestants
  • Corporate Branding Sponsorships

Please see the attached PDF for more details of the sponsorship opportunities in 2018!

2018 Sponsorship Opportunities.pdf